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Vroom Vroom Volt

What's the first thing you think of when you think ELECTRIC CAR?

Me, I think of the Jetsons.

The Jetsons were cute, but the modern day electric car is sleek with a side of sass.

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to check out the Volt wth the great women of SheBuysCars.com and I haven't been able to stop thinking abut it since.

Here are 6 reasons I want to buy a volt.

  • I'm from Michigan and buying American made vehicles is in my blood!
  • Range. The simple fact that you can go 50 miles on a single charge is amazing to me. In my previously life I was driving too far on a daily basis to really have this be a selling point, but nowdays I rarely drive over 50 miles in a single trip and many of the locations I travel to have charging stations available.
  • Cost. Savings. Yes, your electric bill is going to go us, but your gas bill is going to go way way down. Most Volt drivers that we had an opportunity to speak with said their monthly electric bill went up by about $25, BUT they only had to fill the tank once a month. OH YES!
  • Plugging in...like many folks I didn't realize that a special charger isn't needed for this car. A simple 110v outlet (like you plug your holiday lights into) will do the trick. Also, many parking garages and locations in my city offer premium parking places for those who need a charge.

  • Volt Owners. We were able to mingle with several Volt owners at the car show and they were all so passionate about their cars and the Volt brand. It was a badge of honor for them to be a part of the club and I love the team spirit they all had.
  • Chevrolet listens. I can't think of a single car that I have owned where I thought the manufacturer cared what I thought after I bought the car. This is not the case with the Volt. It was clear from our interatctions with the owners and engineers that Chevy is logging on to their forums and LISTENING to what it is their customers want out of future versions. 

I was completely impressed with Chevrolet and the Volt team during my day with them and the Volt is now on my radar when I purchase a new car in the next year.

This post is part of a compensated opportunity with SheBuysCars.com. All opinions expressed are my own.



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