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Feeling Fancy with Aventura

Sometimes a girl likes to look fancy AND feel comfortable!

Cue...Aventura and their incredibly soft clothing that is perfect for a hike in the woods, but awesome enough to wear for a holiday celebration.

That's what I did this past spring by pairing some darker items like my black Jane Dress, black Sabine Hat and aqua Mansfield Top with the incredibly versatile white Redford Jacket.

One of the things I like so much about the Aventura Spring line is the versatility of each and every item in their collection. I can wear these items together like I did here or I can easily match them with other Aventura items or with items already in my closet.

I wore this outfit all day both outside and inside the house at our family gathering this Spring and felt completely comfortable all day long. Everything stayed in place and was still wrinkle free when we crawled into bed in the evening.

If you haven't had the opportunity to try out Aventura yet, you should take a look around their site. The clothing is well made, so soft (I know I keep mentioning this, but it's so true!), and much of it is eco-friendly. If you are inclined to make a purchase, let me know and I can send you a code for 60% off your purchase.

Disclaimer: I am a 2014 Aventura Ambassador and am provided with clothing to facilitate my reviews. Rest assured I have loved it all so much that I have purchased several more items with my own hard earned money.


The Lived In Loved In Look

Have you ever stumbled across a gift for someone that you just know they are going to love?

It's the best feeling isn't it?!

When I became an Aventura Clothing ambassador earlier this year I had absolutely no idea that they also had a line for men called, ECOTHS.

I also had no idea that their entire catalog looks exactly like my husbands closet!

When the box from ECOTHS arrived and we opened it to check out the items (Tallac shirt, Pinnacle Tee, Keizer Short) ... my jaw sat on the floor as these are the types of clothes he loves to wear.

In fact, if you have seen him anywhere outside of work since they arrived, you have seen him rock these garments.

In addition to being "his look" they are also super rugged AND super soft just like the Aventura brand.

ECOTHS doesn't just make clothes that feel amazing and look great, but they are also made of 100% natural products and with every product purchased they donate three meals to food banks across the country.


So, just in time for Father's Day ECOTHS would like to give one lucky winner the same style shirt my husband is wearing in these photos the Tallac shirt*.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*In the event that the shirt sells out before the winner is selected another shirt may be awarded in its place.

Disclosure: I have been selected as a 2014 Aventura Clothing ambassador and as such receive product from time to time to facilitate reviews. In this case, we received ECOTHS clothing. All opinions are our own and can be seen in the daily stylings of my husband.


The Resolution Check-In

Well, it's that time!

The time to reflect back upon the resolutions I set for myself just about half a year ago now.

Resilient...the goal that seemed to choose me instead of the other way around seems to be sticking with me well this year. I seem to be a the proverbial "bouncing ball" and continuing to bounce back and to let things roll off of my shoulders with much more ease than I have in the past. It's both an unconscious and conscious goal. I have been working hard to realize that getting worked up about people or things seems to only have long lasting negative effects on me and not on the situation or other people involved. I want to continue to work on this for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

The other goal that I have been successful with so far is the "write more" goal. Again, not in terms of blog posts or social media but in good old fashioned pen to paper notes to friends and family members. In fact, just within our household we have been working on our son's reading and writing skills by using his chalkboard easel to take turns writing positive affirmations to one another. It's a beautiful piece of expression on display on a daily basis. I have also taken the time to send cards and small notes to those most important to me and will continue to do so.

The challenge...those 4 million steps, but it's something I continue to work on and continue to aim for as a goal this year. I have realized the simple act of moving more is made of millions of small steps, hundreds on any given day to choose to put my body in motion instead of leaving it at rest. I do believe the wisdom that "A body in motion wants to stay in motion and a body at rest wants to stay at rest." I'm going to work hard in the later half of 2014 to make motion a priority.

{video here}

Thanks to Zone Perfect for encouraging me to set these great goals and to keep making progress towards a better me both physically and mentally. They sent me a portable phone charger to help keep me "fully charged" and one lucky reader can win one as well! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check them out and even score yourself a coupon!


Become A ZonePerfect® VIP & Save up to $10*

Your first coupon will be emailed to you. Join Now!

 *$10 in savings relates to savings spread across a one year period and may vary.”

**Disclosure: As a Zone Perfect ambassador I have received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items. I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.



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